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When do you recommend coming in for the best 3D/4D images?

~Although ANY time is such a wonderful time to see your baby, we recommend around 28-32 weeks for those chunky cheeks and big smiles. 

How many people are allowed in the room for the scan?


Do you require a full bladder?

~Not necessarily....BUT a full bladder is a good start, we can always try having you empty to help move baby.


Is there anything I can do to help baby move?

~We have found that an ICE COLD drink when starting session helps baby move.  (slushies are key lol)

What if my baby does not cooperate?

~We will have you back in 1 to 1.5 weeks for a free repeat   (by discretion of individual performing scan)


Do you have walk-in appointments available?

~We are by appointment only.  We sometimes have same day appointments available. 

~Please call or text to check

What are your hours?

~Monday-Thursday 9-8     Friday 9-5    Saturday 9-3

Do we pay at appointment?

~Yes.  We accept Cash or Credit Card  (gift certificates available as well)

~To secure your appointment, we are now requiring a $25 deposit on all scheduled appointments.  This $25 will go towards your remaining amount due at appointment.  


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